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Interpretation/Application publications by CMTS Directors

Case Histories:

Ferguson, I.J., A.G. Jones, and A.D. Chave, 2012. Case histories and geological applications, In: The Magnetotelluric Method, edited by Alan D. Chave and Alan G. Jones, published by Cambridge University Press, Chapter 10, pp. 480-544, ISBN: 9780521819275.


Mineral Exploration:

Jones, A.G. and X. Garcia, 2003. Okak Bay MT data-set case study: Lessons in dimensionality and scale. Geophysics, 68, 70-91, doi: 10.1190/1.1543195. [PDF]

Queralt, P., A.G. Jones, and J. Ledo, 2007. Electromagnetic imaging of a complex ore body: three-dimensional forward modeling, sensitivity tests and down-mine measurements. Geophysics, 72, 85-95, doi: 10.1190/1.2437105. [PDF]


Hydrocarbon Exploration:

Avdeeva, A., D. Avdeev, and M. Jegen, 2012. Detecting a salt dome overhang with magnetotellurics: 3D inversion methodology and synthetic model studies. Geophysics, 77, E251-E263. [PDF]


Geothermal Exploration:

Jones, A.G., and Dumas, I., 1993. Electromagnetic images of a volcanic zone. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, 81, 289-314. [PDF]