Mailman Mailing List Page

An automatic mailing list for MTNet is maintained using the software Mailman, the GNU mailing list manager.

MTNet subscription will keep you informed of all activities of the IAGA working group. It is useful for all those who have an interest in EM exploration of the Earth. If you wish to see previous postings, please look at the archive of mails on the MTNet main page.


To see the email list archive from April 2015 forwards, go here

To see the email list archive from 2004 to March 2015, go here


To subscribe to MTNet go here. and follow the instructions.

Important note

Sending a message to all subscribers

Once you are registered as a valid member of the MTNet mailing list, you can send a message to all subscribers of MTNet by sending a message to

Note that your email will, in most cases, be distributed automatically and unedited. It is your job to ensure that the email is factually and grammatically correct.

Some email addresses are moderated (those from non-institutional addresses, from businesses, and from those who have not followed MTNet rules), i.e., after sending a message I will be asked to authorise it for distribution. The most common reason for rejecting distribution is that there is an attachment or that the email is in HTML rather than plain ASCII.

MTNet email rules

  1. Do not send out messages to this list except when you are sure that many of your colleagues worldwide will want to know what you have to say. If your message is just for one country or one segment of our community, please send it to the individual members directly.
  2. Inappropriate content will not be distributed - political or religious content or commentary are certainly not appropriate.
  3. Commercial messages, except job advertisements, advertisements of courses, or information that is not-for-profit (e.g., offer of data or software for free), are not appropriate. (Note - all non-academic email addresses have their moderation bit set on.)
  4. No attachments allowed, of any kind, including signatures!
  5. Compose your email in plain ASCII. Do NOT send a file directly from programs such as Word or WordPerfect, or with HTML formatting. Many of us either do not have the appropriate word processing software or have problems decoding the attachments, nor indeed the time to do so.

Any emails not following these rules will not be distributed, and the user will have their future submissions moderated.