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This web site is an independent resource for the electromagnetic induction community and is intended as an international electronic forum for the free exchange of knowledge, programs and data between scientists engaged in the study of the Earth using electromagnetic methods, principally but not exclusively the magnetotelluric technique (magnetotellurics).

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Some of the activities undertaken by MTNet members come under the auspices of Division 6 (formerly Working Group I-2) - Electromagnetic Induction in the Earth and Planetary Bodies - of IAGA (International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy).

The activities of the IAGA Division are organized by an elected 12-member committee who are a balanced representation of EM disciplines, geographic regions and gender. The Division Committee is led by an elected Chair, assisted by an elected Co-Chair. The Chair and Co-Chair of the Division Committee are:

The officers for IAGA Division 6 the following terms will be: (Note: For an understanding of the rationale and the difference between these positions, please read the explanation given here. Essentially, it is to accede to IAGA's request to the WG (now Division) to have officers elected at IUGG General Assemblies, whereas WG (now Division) Committee members are best elected at WG (now Division) Workshops as they are far better attended.)


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