Classic MT Publications

Papers that are listed here are the Classics of Magnetotellurics that everyone in the field should read.

This list represents the personal bias of Alan Jones, and should not be taken as representative of the views of the MT community. Papers appearing here do so because of their influence, as measured in terms of influencing Jones or influencing the community (determined broadly, but not exclusively, using citation statistics).

This should NOT be thought of as an exclusive list, more of an indicative one that is very incomplete. Students/practitioners of MT should know all of these papers at a minimum, and a whole lot of others.

Scans of papers for which there isn't a PDF are very gratefully received.

(Suggestions for inclusions on this list, except self-promotions, are also very gratefully received...)


Coast Effect


Instrumentation - Electrodes

Instrumentation - Magnetometers



Response Function Appraisal

Impedance Invariants

Current Chanelling

Galvanic Distortion

Galvanic Distortion - General

Galvanic Distortion - 1D

Galvanic Distortion - 2D

Galvanic Distortion - 3D

Galvanic Distortion including magnetic effects

Static Shift

Static Shift is a sub-set of Galvanic Distortion, but papers published on identifying Static Shifts and their removal in MT are worth highlighting.

2D modelling/interpretation of 3D data

Induction Vectors (Vertical Field Transfer Functions)


Modelling - 1D

Modelling - 2D

Modelling - 3D


Inversion - Uniqueness

Inversion - Approximate Methods

Inversion - 1D

Inversion - 2D

Inversion - 3D

Inversion - Joint-Inversion


Laboratory measurements

Modelling/interpretation of MT data with other data