The electric Slave craton


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Table of Contents

The electric Slave craton

Diamonds are forever….

Parameter measured: electrical resistivity Range...

What can MT resolve?

Mantle studies….

Laboratory studies of olivine

Partial melt of real silicate rocks

Variation in depth to ELAS?

Line 1: mantle conclusions

Slave craton: EM studies

Winter road:

Slave Lakes:

Slave location map

MT Response comparison

Winter road MT phases

Resistivity model

Lac de Gras region

Slave Lakes prelim. results

Anomalous region

Conduction mechanisms in the mantle

Interpretation in terms of physical state

Interpretation in terms of H+ diffusion

Interpretation in terms of chemical state

Interpretation in terms of carbon

Other anomalous mantle responses

Anomalous ultra-depleted mantle

Anomalous geophysical and geochemical regions

Conclusions: Observations

Conclusions: Interpretation

Future Work




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Paper presented at the SNORCLE transect meeting, Calgary, February 25-27, 2000