What it is all about

The PICASSO (Program to Investigate Convective Alboran Sea System Overturn) project has been selected as a pilot program for the EuroArray and Topo-Europe programs. The aim of this project is to test hypotheses for how material is recycled from the surface back into the mantle by studying the subsurface in southern Spain and Morocco with special interest in the genesis of the Atlas mountains.
The project includes an extensive array of portable broadband, land and marine seismographs and magnetelluric stations as well as the permanent seismograph networks in the western Mediterranean countries. Magnetotelluric leadership and instrumentation is provided principally by the University of Barcelona UB and the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies DIAS, funded by the SFI.
Collaborator for this project is the University of Bari BA. The PICASSO project is divided into two major parts, the investigation of the southern Spain subsurface in 2007 and the investigation of the Moroccan subsurface in 2008 (see Schedule).

For further information please have a look at the PICASSO webpage of the Institute of Earth Science Jaume Almera (CSIC), the Proposal for the PICASSO project or contact us.


What keeps us busy

  • Analyse data collected during the fieldwork in Spain
  • Prepare fieldwork in Morocco
  • more...