Publication 10

Comment on 'Geomagnetic Depth Sounding by Induction Arrow Representation: A Review' by G. P. Gregori and L. J. Lanzerotti

Alan G. Jones


In this recent review, Gregori and Lanzerotti [1980] address themselves to the problem of describing the relationships between various 'induction vectors' as proposed by different induction workers. This in itself is an admirable exercise and certainly of great worth to the geomagnetic community, both for those studying induction effects and for those using ground-based magnetometers to determine ionospheric and magnetospheric processes. However, certain assumptions were made, but not stated, by the authors when comparing various 'arrows', and it is the purpose of this comment to state more explicitly some of those limiting assumptions and to give a more general relationship between time domain determined arrows and ffequency domain determined ones.


Reviews of Geophysics and Space Physics, 19, 687-688.

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Alan G Jones / 26 FEB 2010 /