Publication 149

In search of Geothermal Energy Potential in Sri Lanka: A preliminary magnetotelluric survey of the thermal springs

Hobbs, B.A., G.M. Fonseka, A.G. Jones, N. de Silva, N.Subasinghe, G. Dawes, N. Johnson, T. Cooray, D. Wijesundara, N. Suriyaarachchi, T. Nimalsisri, K. Premitallake, D. Kiyan, and D. Khoza


A magnetotelluric survey was conducted to map the lateral variation of resistivity with depth along ~9 km profiles across seven known hot springs of Sri Lanka in view of locating thermal waters within deep faults or hot dry rock that would help geothermal energy development. Data show three regions with resistivity less than 10 ohm.m, two within the vicinity of the Kinniya hot spring, at depths ~1.5 and 2 km, and one at Kapurella at a depth of ~500 m. All three regions have 2D cross sections of a few hundred square metres. Three more regions with lower resistivity, 10 - 100 ohm.m, were located at depths beyond 10 km at Padiyatalawa, Mahaoya and Kinniya. Their cross sectional extent is limited to a few square kilometres.


Journal of the Geological Society of Sri Lanka, 15, 69-83. [PDF]

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Alan G Jones / 16 February 2014 /