Publication 172

Lithospheric electrical structure across the Eastern Segment of the Altyn Tagh Fault on the Northern Margin of the Tibetan Plateau

Zhang, L., G. Ye, S. Jin, W. Wei, M. Unsworth, A.G. Jones, J Jing, H. Dong, C. Xie, F. Le Pape and J. Vozar


Project INDEPTH (InterNational DEep Profiling of Tibet and the Himalaya) is an interdisciplinary program designed to develop a better understanding of deep structures and mechanics of the Tibetan Plateau. As a component of magnetotelluric (MT) works in the 4th phase of the project, MT data were collected along a profile that crosses the eastern segment of the Altyn Tagh fault on the northern margin of the plateau. Time series data processing used robust algorithms to give high quality responses. Dimensionality analysis showed 2D approach is only valid for the northern section of the profile. Consequently, 2D inversions were only conducted for the northern section, and 3D inversions were conducted on MT data from the whole profile. From 2D inversion model, the eastern segment of the Altyn Tagh fault only appears as a crustal structure, which suggests accommodation of strike slip motion along the Altyn Tagh fault by thrustings within the Qilian Block. A large scale off-profile conductor within the mid-lower crust of the Qilian block was revealed from 3D inversion model, which is probably correlated with the north Qaidam thrust belt. Furthermore, the unconnected conductors from 3D inversion model indicate deformations in the study area are generally localized.


Acta Geologica Sinica - English Edition, 89, 90-104, doi:10.1111/1755-6724.12397. [PDF]

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