Publication 2

A multi-station magnetotelluric study in southern Scotland - I. Fieldwork, data analysis and results

A.G. Jones and R. Hutton


Magnetotelluric measurements have been made at 13 locations in southern Scotland along lines perpendicular and parallel to the strike of a major electrical conductivity anomaly detected by previous geomagnetic deep sounding studies. Following a brief account of the fieldwork and data analysis procedure, the justification for one-dimensional interpretation at certain sites is presented. Six of the 13 sites fall into this category. Their magnetotelluric responses were found to fall into three groups which appear to be representative of (a) the Midland Valley, (b) the Southern Uplands and (c) northern England. Limited forward modelling of the well-estimated data was undertaken and is discussed in this paper. It indicates marked lateral variations in conductivity structure across the region.


Geophysical Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society, 56, 329-349, 1979.

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