Publication GSC7

Central Baffin Electromagnetic Experiment (CBEX), Phase 2

S. Evans, A.G. Jones, J. Spratt and J. Katsube


A 45 station, 500 km-long regional scale magnetotelluric profile was acquired over the last two summers as a part of the Central Baffin Multidisciplinary Geoscience Project (a collaborative effort of the Geological Survey of Canada, the Canada-Nunavut Geoscience Centre, and the Polar Continental Shelf Project). The profile crosses the northern margin of the Trans-Hudson Orogen and extends northwards onto the Archean Rae Craton for 200 km. To the south, the profile crosses the Paleoproterozoic Piling Group. The primary goal of the experiment was to determine the geometry of the major geological boundaries in the third dimension, depth. Analyses of the data demonstrate that the conductive Astarte River formation can be mapped and used as proxy for the base of the Piling Group. Another major feature in the data is a high conductivity contrast between the Piling Group metasediments and the northern Archean granites and gneissic complexes. Laboratory results indicate that the source of the conductivity in the Astarte River Formation is high content of interconnected graphite.


Geological Survey of Canada Current Research, 2003-C24, 10 p., 2003.

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