Dr. Nong Wu (UW) Dr. Alan Jones(GSC), Prof. Chen Leshou (CUG), Prof. John Booker (UW), Prof. Wei Wenbo (CUG), Hu Jiande (CUG) Tan Handong (CUG)
outside Holiday Inn, Lhasa, just prior to commencement of 1995 MT field program (April 21st 1995)

MT Collaborators.....

INDEPTH Collaborators.....

  • Prof. Doug Nelson, Syracuse University (INDEPTH Project Leader)
  • Prof. Larry Brown, Cornell University
  • Prof. Simon Klemperer, Stanford University
  • Prof. Jim Ni, New Mexico State University


Phase I: 1995

Using the GSC's 16 LIMS and UW's 5 LIMS-clones (LRMTs built by Phoenix Geophysics), a long period MT survey was carried out in April to July along three main transects. For a plot of the sites on the topography of Asia please press here (Warning: the gif file is 150 Kb in size). For a location map of the sites showing the Zangbo suture and Lhasa, press here. For a geology map with the MT sites, press here.

Phase II (part of INDEPTH-III): 1998

In July and August 1998 Long Period magnetotelluric (MT) data were collected as part of the INDEPTH-III survey in Central Tibet. Long period MT data were collected at 26 sites on a 400 km profile extending from Nam Tso to Longwei Tso with the goal of imaging crustal and mantle structure. Broadband MT data were also collected to image shallow structure by the China University of Geosciences. In this paper we will present initial results based on the long period data, since the broadband and long period data have yet to be merged. Preliminary inversions of the long period MT data show the following features.
(1) In the south of the profile a strong conductor is observed at a depth of 15 km. This is at a similar depth to the conductor observed beneath the Yangbaijin graben during INDEPTH-II in 1995. This conductor terminates 50 km north of the Bangong suture.
(2) Further north, where the shallow conductor is absent, a deeper conductor is imaged at a depth of 50-60 km. This conductor continues to the northern end of the profile and is at the same depth as the low velocity zone imaged by seismic observations. It may represent the asthenosphere beneath a 50-60 km crust.

Published MT Papers.....


Published INDEPTH Papers.....

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